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Healing Touch Therapeutic Massage offers a variety of massage services.

Swedish Massage
This is the most common type of massage received in the United States. This type of massage uses a variety of strokes; effleurage (long stroking motion), petrissage (kneading motion), tapotement (percussion striking motion), and friction (rubbing motion). Dutch practitioner Johan Georg Mezger is generally credited as the inventor of Swedish massage.
Range of Motion
These are techniques that can be added to a Swedish massage to promote increased motion and flexibility.
Deep Tissue / Trigger Point
Deep tissue massage is a technique that is often included in a Swedish massage to help alleviate areas of tightness and stress. It goes deeper into the muscle with static pressure or just deeper pressure to help remove knots and tension that occurs in muscles. Trigger point continues to work over areas of specific constriction in the muscles that can sometimes refer pain to other areas of the body.
Myofascial Release
Myofascial release uses gentle fascial manipulation to help relieve constriction and pain in the muscles.


  • 30 minute massage - $40
  • 60 minute massage - $70
  • 90 minute massage - $95

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of the appointment time. Failure to cancel will result in a charge in the amount for the originally scheduled massage time based on the rate schedule above.

Benefits of Massage


Take the time in your day to meditate and relax while being pampered. The time to not worry or think about all of the information from the environment that is bombarding you. In today's busy world, the time for ourselves is often left at the bottom of the list. Taking the time out to enjoy a massage for yourself allows you to be able to participate more fully in the activities that demand your attention throughout your day.

Physical Benefits

A major benefit of massage is increased circulation, which is used to help heal areas in the body by increasing the oxygen levels and nutrients delivered to the muscles. By removing the lactic acid build up in the muscles, massage can reduce fatigue.

Massage is also beneficial in helping to strengthen the immune system. By helping to increase the flow of the lymphatic system, massage allows the body to process toxins. These toxins can irritate nerves, cause headaches, joint pain, and inflammation.

For the professional and occasional athlete, massage can help to relieve sore muscles after a workout, and can help to decrease the time needed to heal after minor injuries. Massage can also help to allow for greater flexibility and range of motion.